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Our Mission Statement

Our main objective at The Smith Team is to serve our community by understanding the needs and goals of our clients. Providing the highest levels of service, support, and guidance through mastering every aspect of our craft. To lead our clients with loving hearts, open minds, and creative solutions.

To be the light!

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Why We Change Our Clocks

The idea of Daylight Saving Time (DST) was first introduced in 1895 by George Vernon Hudson. While his original idea of adjusting clocks by 20 minutes was not used, Benjamin Franklin takes the

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Chimney and Fireplace Care

A lot of times homeowners with chimneys will neglect to care for them season after season. While it may not always be cold enough for a fire in Texas during the winter season, we do get the

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Outdoor Fire Safety

Now that the weather is changing and finally cooling down, a lot of people are going to be using outdoor fire pits. While these can be fun and create some great memories, there are certain safety

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Coffee Shops to Try This Fall

Even though we shouldn’t need that morning pick-me-up after a good night’s rest we do. And a lot of us frequent the same coffee shop morning after morning but there are other options out

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