Keep Your Plants Warm

Dated: 12/18/2019

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We’ve already had several nights under freezing and we hope you have taken actions to keep your outdoor plants from getting too cold. If not, don’t worry, we have some tips to help you the rest of the winter months.



Once temperatures drop below freezing, it’s important to take protective action to keep your plants from freezing. Like us, plants have a high water content and can easily go into shock or freeze from cold temperatures. The best way to keep your plants alive through the winter is to bring them inside for the season. If you bring your plants inside, they should be kept in a well-lit room with plenty of airflow. By bringing your plants inside you can continue to care for them without having to brave the cold or be concerned that temperatures getting too low. 



If you don’t have room for your plants inside or the pot they are in is too big to move, you can always place a sheet over your potted plant. This should be something lightweight that won’t crush your plant but will gently lay on top. The covering should go to the base of the plant and be wrapped as close as possible without damaging the plant. 


By covering your plants, you are helping contain the heat released by your plants, rather than it being released into the air, and therefore are creating an additional layer of warmth for your plants. This will also help keep condensation from freezing on the leaves and branches of your plant.


When preparing your plants for freezing temperatures, you can use several materials to cover your plants: an old sheet, plastic, or you can purchase items sold online or at your local garden care center. These items can be found around your home or purchased online. If you would rather purchase items instead of using materials from around your home, frost protector blankets or small greenhouse tents for vegetable gardens can be found online. 



If you plan to use a plastic material, be sure you have some support for the plastic so your plant does not become strained by the weight, depending on the thickness of the material. This can be accomplished by inserting flexible rods around the plants that will arc over the foliage so it will take the full weight of any covering placed over your plants. You can also build a wooden structure around your vegetation that can be used as greenhouse season after season. 


Another way you can help your plants retain heat during the winter months, is by placing straw or wood chips around the base of your plants. This creates a natural barrier to the cold and helps keep the roots and base of your plants from freezing. Just remember than when you’re watering plants left outside during the winter months that you try to avoid getting water on the foliage to decrease your chance of frost forming overnight.


What are your tips and tricks for keeping plants alive during the winter months? Leave us a comment below!

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Keep Your Plants Warm

We’ve already had several nights under freezing and we hope you have taken actions to keep your outdoor plants from getting too cold. If not, don’t worry, we have some tips to help you

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