Lowering Gas and Electric Bills In Winter

Dated: 12/04/2019

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We all want to stay warm during the winter and can, but at what cost? A lot of people experience some of their highest bills during the winter months. The others occur in the summer. Now that the temperatures have dropped and seem to be staying put for a while, it’s important to focus on the problem at hand. High gas and electric bills. We have researched several tips that may help you lower your expenses during the winter.


1. Weather Stripping and Caulking

This simple action could save you up to 10% on your heating costs. Old stripping and caulk should be checked every few years. It can begin to crack and cause drafts in your home and heat seepage. Updating your weather stripping and caulking around windows and doors can be done on your own without the help of a professional. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this yourself, there are many companies that specialize in weatherproofing homes.


2. Attic Insulation

If you’ve been in your home for many years, there could be a chance that your insulation may need to be replaced. This should be checked yearly especially if you’ve had a roof leak at any point. Mildew and mold can cause major problems if left unattended. Most often, however, the insulation level will be low meaning you need additional insulation added. The insulation level will vary by home so a professional would be the best choice when having this evaluated.


3. Turn Down the Thermostat & Wear Appropriate Clothing

During the winter, we tend to crank the thermostat without thinking about the ramifications. All we want is to be comfortable in our favorite basketball shorts or t-shirt, but you have to remember that it is winter. By wearing clothing that is inappropriate for the season, you are more likely to bump-up the thermostat when you really didn’t need to causing higher bills in the process. Make sure to wear pants and long sleeve shirts instead as a way to feel comfortable in your home without having to increase the thermostat constantly.


4. Space Heater Usage

If you plan on using a space heater, it shouldn’t be used to heat the entire home. This would take way too long, it would run constantly, and you may never reach the desired temperature without breaking the bank. Instead, use your space heater in a single room like a bedroom or bathroom. This way, you can maintain the desired temperature in one room rather than trying to heat the entire home.


5. Decrease the Water Temperature

While this option may not sound as appealing, it will help with your bills. Doing this can save you anywhere from 3-5% on your heating costs. Just remember that you can keep a space heater in the bathroom so when you’re done showering you can get ready for the day in a nice warm room.


While savings may vary by home and other options may be available to help you save on your heating costs this season, it’s a start. Let us know which ones you will try this winter!

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Lowering Gas and Electric Bills In Winter

We all want to stay warm during the winter and can, but at what cost? A lot of people experience some of their highest bills during the winter months. The others occur in the summer. Now that the

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