Real Christmas Trees

Dated: 12/11/2019

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‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and the big ticket item is always a Christmas tree! While these are beautiful and make the season bright, you have to care for your tree appropriately to keep your home safe.

When choosing a tree, make sure it is still in good condition. There should not be any brown or dead spots. This could indicate that the tree hasn’t received much water since being cut or has been left in the sun for too long. Buying a tree that is already showing signs of dying could cause issues down the line. 

Once you have picked out your tree, make sure you have a least a ½” to 1” of the trunk trimmed off to insure you tree will soak up the water you place in its stand. If this piece is not cut off, your tree is not likely to absorb the water it’s given because its pores have now been clogged with sap. Also have any scraggly lower branches at the bottom removed so the tree can fit in your stand better and be lowered all the way into the water. Most tree retailers will do this for you, free of charge, at check out.

After you get your tree home, take notice of your heating vents in the room you plan to place your tree. These should not be blowing on your tree because they may cause it to dry out faster.

Once you have the perfect spot, place the tree in your stand and water. You should leave your tree to soak up water overnight to insure it is well watered and no longer dry after being transported and sitting in the lot. If you just can’t wait, at least allow your tree several hours to absorb water before you begin decorating. This could be a great time to test your lights and make sure they work, watch a Christmas movie, or bake some cookies to enjoy during the decoration process. 

Decorating the tree is the best part, so make sure you have everything you need. Using the correct lighting is important so there is no unnecessary heat placed on your tree. If your tree were to dry out this could potentially cause a fire. This is why providing your tree constant water will keep your tree from drying out too quickly. Checking the water level daily or every other day will help insure your tree doesn’t dry out. 

It’s also important to keep tree needles swept up. Even if you’re watering, there will be needle loss and this will increase as it gets closer to the time of disposal. Some pine needles are dangerous for dogs and if you have a little one constantly putting things in their mouth, you will want to keep the area around your tree clean. A real tree should last 3-4 weeks before it should be thrown out.

Tree disposal should be done appropriately at the end of the season. This means that all decorations and lights have been removed. Most cities will have tree pick-ups the two weeks following Christmas. Make sure to check your cities waste service schedule to see if they will be picking up trees. Another way to dispose of your tree is at your local hardware store. Home Depot has been known to accept trees at the end of the holiday season and will recycle them appropriately. Otherwise, you will need to cut your tree and place it in yard waste bags. 

We hope you have a wonderful holiday season. 

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Real Christmas Trees

‘Tis the season for holiday decorations and the big ticket item is always a Christmas tree! While these are beautiful and make the season bright, you have to care for your tree appropriately

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