Coffee Shops to Try This Fall

Dated: 10/18/2019

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Even though we shouldn’t need that morning pick-me-up after a good night’s rest we do. And a lot of us frequent the same coffee shop morning after morning but there are other options out there that have a lot to offer and happen to be local to the Dallas - Fort Worth area. 

The first on our list is Avoca Coffee Roasters. Recently established in 2011, their flagship location is located off Magnolia in the historic district of Fort Worth. As a Go Texan partner, they offer artisanal coffee which is sold by various retailers around Texas and used at other coffee shops. They now have two locations which boast a work friendly atmosphere with a modern touch. All of their coffee beans are locally sourced and chosen based on how they are grown, gathered, and treated. If you’re looking for a great way to support local businesses, add Avoca Coffee Roasters to your list!

Next is Ampersand and their well-known Rise & Grind sign. It’s true though. We have to “Rise and Grind” whether we have a regular work schedule or not and this shop has so much to offer. Founded with the idea of community in mind, their modern coffee shop creates a wonderful space to meet with friends and their outdoor seating is perfect for the mild Texas fall we’re hoping to get soon. Their offerings include classic coffee or you can indulge in one of their liqueur infused speciality drinks: coffee paired with your favorite liqueur. If you’re not here for the coffee then you should definitely check out the nightlife on Friday and Saturday nights to hear live music and experience a different side of Ampersand. With two locations in Fort Worth, Ampersand should be a must try this fall. 

Lastly, 151 Coffee and their motto “It’s a Good Day to have a Good Day”. Founded in 2017, 151 Coffee is creating a faster way of getting your morning coffee. If you’re looking for an alternative option for fast, drive-thru coffee you should visit 151 Coffee. Each drive-thru location has two lanes for customers in order to decrease the wait time for busy commuters and their employees always seem to sport a positive attitude. Their offerings include classic coffee as well as blended energy drinks to get you ready for a good day. 

Keep in mind, that a lot of coffee shops are moving towards letting customers bring their own coffee mug or use their own reusable straws to help decrease waste. This is still not practiced everywhere but the more it’s brought to the attention of local businesses, the sooner it may become inherent.  

We hope you enjoy some new local coffee shops this fall! Let us know in the comments if you visit any of our suggestions and what you thought or if you have any suggestions of your own.

-The Smith Team


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