Venessa Smith
COO of The Smith Team
Venessa Smith
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Venessa is a born and raised Southern California girl who made her home in Texas in 2012. Married to her high school sweetheart since ‘97, with whom she shares 4 amazing kids, she agreed to relocate to the place where he was born. Together they’ve made a home here and if you ask her, she’ll tell you she very much agrees with the saying - “I wasn’t born here, but I got here as fast as I could!” And they have no plans of ever leaving the place they now call home.

Venessa got into Real Estate as an assistant to her husband in 2016. She quickly took to the Transaction Coordinating side of things where she flourished. With a knack for systems and processes, along with some amazing coaching/training, and a determination like no other - she developed the other half of The Smith Team. The Operations side. She’s obsessed with systems and processes, and she’s used that to develop her own online onboarding system to help train other Operations Team Members for The Smith Team. As COO she’s gone on to not only develop the Operations side - but with the help of her husband, (who is the Coach, Mentor, and Lead Agent on the Team) she’s applied her know-how & skills to integrate the Agent Team & Operations Team into a Partnership that runs like a well-oiled machine - with a focus on amazing customer service!

When she’s not busy working - she enjoys spending good quality time with her husband, kids, and 3 fur babies. She also enjoys cooking for her family, reading books in all sorts of genres, writing stories & poetry, and laughing.

Need a good book recommendation, help with a spreadsheet, creating a graphic, developing a new process to keep you organized, a checklist, or someone to pray for/with you? She’s your gal!